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Wide range of applications

For more than 70 years, we have been offering our customers intelligent pump solutions and innovative systems for industrial use. High-quality products and modern services have earned BRINKMANN PUMPS a reputation as a problem solver in the field of pump technology.

From mechanical engineering to dosing technology to wind energy and many other industries – customers all over the world rely on our individual pump solutions and are convinced by our high quality.

So much is certain: We have ideal solutions ready for all applications.

  •  Multiphase Conveyance

    Multiphase Conveyance

    Multiphase conveying describes the ability of a pump to convey mixtures from two aggregate states. These can occur in the combination liquid/solid or liquid/gaseous. In machine tools, for example, these are oil-air mixtures such as occur during high-speed grinding. Other applications can be found in wastewater technology or the paper industry.

  •  Plastics Recycling

    Plastics Recycling

    In the processing of contaminated plastic products, centrifugal pumps in vortex design are used in the shredder and washing process to be able to pump the mixture of water and solids. In these processes, the wear-resistant, robust design of the pump is one of the highest requirements. Versions with or without shaft bearings are used here. Depending on the process, pumps with an integrated cutting unit are also a possible option.

  •  Machinery and Plant Engineering

    Machinery and Plant Engineering

    The applications of screw pumps or centrifugal pumps in mechanical engineering are very diverse. Pumps with these operating principles are used, for example, in machine tool manufacturing, in the printing industry or in the plastics processing industry. The focus is often on cooling, temperature control or humidification of various processes. For machine tools, for example, process cooling and the removal of cooling lubricant mixed with metal chips are particularly important.

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  •  Electric Mobility

    Electric Mobility

    In principle, the service life of the batteries used plays a decisive role in all electromobility applications. The temperature control/cooling of the application is therefore of great importance for a long-term service life. Here, centrifugal pumps of various designs find their application in battery cooling, charging cable cooling or the cooling of high-power charging (HPC) systems. No matter whether these functions are required for cars, trucks, rail vehicles or heavy-duty vehicles.

  •  Optical Machines

    Optical Machines

    Different manufacturing processes call for different centrifugal pump-based solutions. Pumps are used for grinding, milling and polishing in lens production and precision optics. Plastic pumps are frequently used, but increasingly also centrifugal pumps in stainless steel design or, depending on the degree of automation, also vortex pumps or cutter pumps.

  •  Dosing Technology

    Dosing Technology

    In the field of dosing technology, a wide variety of pump types can be found. In addition to eccentric screw pumps and gear pumps, screw spindle pumps are also used here. Common viscosities of 3 – 3000 mPas and more are to be pumped here, with the media often being paints, glues, resins, hardeners or silicones, to name but a few.

  •  Pump Control

    Pump Control

    A pump controller for centrifugal pumps or screw spindle pumps offers the opportunity to actively address current topics such as energy savings, digital processes or IoT/Industry 4.0. Paired with a frequency converter and other complementary sensors, usable data can be collected in a very short time and, with the right know-how, converted into cost-reducing results. Intuitive touch panels that allow adjustments through simple configurations and do not require programming skills are the benchmark here.

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  •  Drive Technology / Motors

    Drive Technology / Motors

    Applications of electric motors can be found in almost all industrial sectors. From the standardized mass market to special motor construction, in large or small series. Individual small series require customized solutions. Motors can be equipped with connectors, frequency converters, assembled cable lengths or individual flange geometries. What they all have in common is compliance with the current EUP directives to guarantee the best possible energy efficiency.

  •  Renewable Energies

    Renewable Energies

    Worldwide, more and more countries are striving to use renewable energies as an essential part of their energy supply. Following this megatrend, pump applications are playing an increasingly important role in the generation of energy. Wind power, solar energy, biomass, hydropower, geothermal energy, hydrogen or even industrial heat recovery require pumps with different operating principles. Centrifugal pumps and screw pumps cover many fields of application here.

Individual request for pumps, motors and controls

With innovative pump solutions and services, we cover a wide range of different application areas. If your industry or application area is not listed, please contact us. Our specialists for industrial pump applications will find a custom-fit solution for your industry as well.

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