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Pumps, motors and digital solutions

With our extensive product portfolio, we offer you intelligent pump solutions and innovative systems for a wide range of applications. In addition to a variety of centrifugal pumps and screw spindle pumps, the range also includes drive motors and various products for pump control and regulation. In addition, we offer comprehensive services. Our pumps are used, for example, in and on machine tools, in recycling plants, in temperature control equipment, in optical machines, as well as in areas of electromobility and renewable energies.

Centrifugal Pumps

The high-quality centrifugal pumps convince with versatile application possibilities. Semi-open, open, closed, axial or peripheral impellers are used to convey liquids such as coolants, oils and emulsions for the respective requirement. In addition to single-stage and multistage designs, pumps with immersion depth extension and submersible or free-standing pumps are also available.

The centrifugal pumps are used, for example, in internal and external cooling, in flushing functions, for cutting and pumping chips, or in industrial water applications. In addition to pumps for the low-pressure and medium-pressure range, such as immersion pumps, horizontal end-suction pumps, stainless steel pumps and booster pumps, the range includes robust lift pumps and vortex pumps. Mini centrifugal pumps and plastic pumps complete the diverse product range.

Screw Spindle Pumps

The efficient screw spindle pumps achieve very high efficiencies and reach high pressures up to 200 bar in the version with highly wear-resistant silicon carbide housing and specially hardened spindles. In the version with cast iron spindle housing and specially hardened spindles, pressures up to max. 80 bar are achieved. The screw-based high-pressure pumps are available in immersion or inline versions and are offered in six sizes for precise operating point sizing.

They are particularly suitable for high-pressure supply in machine tools, e.g. for grinding or deep-hole drilling, but also for highly viscous media in other industrial applications. Optionally, the pumps are available as a complete unit with plate, valve and piping.

Digital Solutions

The bplogic digital pump controller makes it easy to start digitization according to the Industry 4.0 standard. The smart pump controller is connected between machine tools, pumps, filter systems or other components and thus enables predictive maintenance, energy monitoring or customer-specific function extensions without programming knowledge. In addition, flaps, valves or other equipment can also be controlled. The bplogic can be easily integrated into existing system environments with minimal installation effort and significantly increases energy efficiency when using variable frequency drives.
The intelligent control and regulation technology of our variable frequency drives provides the appropriate supply pressure and enables energy savings at a high level by optimally adapting to the respective operating point.


BPDRIVETEC Drive Technology

Tens of thousands of electric motors from our own production are in operation worldwide and ensure 100 % of uptime of our coolant pumps every day. Suitable motor drives are available in multiple voltage and cycle combinations and with several country labels – also for small batch production sizes outside of modern pump applications. Thanks to numerous special designs and a multitude of options, such as custom flange geometries, adaptations to specific applications are easily feasible.

Particularly sustainable are water cooled motors, which are in combination with our pumps extremely quiet and offer the option for targeted heat removal and its potential use.


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