Mechanical and Plant Engineering
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Working machine pump

Customized solution for mechanical engineering

General mechanical engineering is one of the key industries in all industrialized countries worldwide, because it covers very many needs of an economy. By contrast, working machines that ensure the smooth functioning of much larger machines and systems around the clock operate more in the shadows: These include screw spindle pumps or centrifugal pumps, for example, which cool, temper and humidify various processes in machine tools, in the printing industry or in plastics processing.

Mechanical engineering has ensured progress for centuries and has always been at the strategic center of all industrial production. The bandwidth is correspondingly high: It ranges from the micropump to the 5-axis machining center to the gigantic tunnel drill.

Ein Metallblock mit Löchern darin und ein Bohrkopf der mit Wasserstrahlen gekühlt wird

Example machine tool

High demands on the "queen of machines"

However, the demands on machines of all kinds are increasing. For this purpose, a look at the machine tool, which manufacturing experts call the queen of machines and which also serves as a model and benchmark for other branches of industry: For metalworking, for example – i.e., for turning, milling, grinding and drilling – its users want machine tools that are highly dynamic, always process-safe and at the same time easy to automate, and that can be easily integrated into the existing production technology infrastructure. Thanks to open interfaces (key words: OPC UA, umati), they are intended as cyber-physical production systems (CPPS) to help make factories smarter in the sense of the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0. BRINKMANN PUMPS develops individually pump solutions for machining technology that are used, among other things, in machine supply, filtration and return pump stations.

But because companies rarely invest in new buildings (greenfield) but mostly in existing factories (brownfield), the new machines should be compact (small footprint) and at the same time very efficient. Lifecycle costs are also important: To keep them low, predictive maintenance is therefore gaining in importance because it reliably prevents expensive production downtimes as preventive maintenance. This is where the pump control bplogic comes into play, intelligently linking machine tools, pumps, filter systems and other components. It also adapts perfectly to existing system environments, regardless of the frequency converters used.

High machine availability reduces "costs per part"

For users of machines of all kinds, the top priority is machine availability close to 100 percent, because they have it to thank for productive, competitive machine hourly rates (costs per part). Added to this are the properties already mentioned. The same applies to pumps from BRINKMANN PUMPS, which supply machines with filtered, lubricating fluids such as water-soluble coolants, oils and emulsions, or remove chips.

In focus: Special top requirements of machine builders

Five customer requests are among the top requirements for industrial applications:

1. High availability and quality:
BRINKMANN PUMPS ensures this with a robust design, the best possible pump design in terms of energy and optional services from commissioning to maintenance contracts.

2. Network-capable (IoT) and automation-friendly:
The smart pump control bplogic supports machine and plant builders in digitalization according to the principle of Industry 4.0, paves the way to the Internet of Things (IoT) and facilitates the automation of processes.

3. High productivity and low life cycle costs (Total Cost of Ownership TCP):
The early wear detection by means of predictive maintenance and the pump integrated into a smart intelligent overall system make a sustainable contribution to this.

4. Future-proof:
Per retrofit, older pumps can be retrofitted and made fit for the future with digital technology.

5. Energy efficient:
When using a frequency converter, pumps from BRINKMANN PUMPS adjust the operating point with the optional offset control, thus saving energy while reducing pressure peaks. This allows the user to prevent at an early stage a likely upcoming extension of the Ecodesign Directive for even more pump types.